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Travel Smart's Community Project

Join us in giving back to the community.

Travel Smart encourages their clients and travel partners to collect travel sized toiletries to be donated to various charitable organizations in our community.

"...I'd like to thank Travel Smart for the generous donation of toiletries for our residents.  With grant dollars continuing to decline year after year, we rely on the generosiy of the community to help us meet the growing needs of domestic and sexual violence victims."

Candice Perry, Executive Director

Albion Fellows Bacon Center


"Your generosity encourages us to continue working to end homelessness in our community.  Since Aurora's inception, we have endeavored to provide vital services to those who need it the most.  This is only possible because of thoughtful gifts from very special people like you."

Maxine Coleman, Office Manager



"...thank you for your donation of personal care items.  We appreciate yor thinking of us and assure you these items will be put to good use for the benefit of the women and children who stay in our shelter."

Sylvia Neff Weinzapfel, Executive Director